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Optimize your mandatory OSHA Mask Fit Test Protocols using the MaskFit+ software to find the correct mask size quickly and effectively for front-line hospital workers.

MaskFit+ addresses the inefficiencies of the current N95 respirator fit process. 

MaskFit+ provides quick and accurate N95 respirator sizing recommendations. 

MaskFit+ supports your institution and employee health department during the fit process.

  • Reduce time per fit test
  • Decreased wasted respirators due to failed tests
  • Get the mask fit right on the first try
  • Eliminate the need to retest when suppliers change

Disclaimer: This does not replace the OSHA-accepted fit test protocols.


FlowCalc is a device that monitors urine output by simply hanging the urine bag from it. 

Technology-Enabled-Care (TEC) has the potential to help address front-line clinician shortages by enhancing productivity, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Improve the workflow of the front-line nurses by making it efficient, so they can focus on bedside care.

It will help physicians make better clinical decisions with an accurate measurement accessible via a web portal.

A few case studies indicate the real problem hospitals are experiencing. 

  • One study found that the crucial factors were workload and lack of skills and training, which resulted in 35% of fluid balance charting being inaccurate (Asfour, 2016). 
  • According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, fluid balance recording is often something to be “fitted in” because of staff shortages, lack of training, or lack of time. 
  • Inaccurate fluid balance monitoring and poor documentation can compromise patient safety and poor clinical outcomes (Grams et al., 2011; NICE, 2017). 
  • The British Nursing Journal, published June 10, 2021, reported a 21% accuracy in the output documentation.